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Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf

Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf

Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf
Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: Johoyd
Model Number: PCHBST-3000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: Ask the price privately
Packaging Details: Wooden packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Detailed Product Description
Experimental Power: Level 10 Change The Ruler: The Main Interface Can Display 5 At The Same Time
Hardness Reading: PC Automatically Measures Hardness
High Light:

1000kgf Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester


1000kgf 3000kgf Brinell Hardness Tester


1000kgf brinell vickers rockwell

Visual Touch Screen Digital Display Brinell Hardness Tester PCHBST-3000


1. Industrial tablet computer integration, support USB expansion

2. Visual display of indentation and automatic hardness measurement

3. Automatically generate WORD report to meet the needs of test personnel


PCHBST-3000 touch screen digital display Brinell hardness tester, only need to operate a touch tablet computer, easy to get the measurement! And all the parameters required for the test can be selected, modified and analyzed directly on the computer. By linking the CCD measurement and acquisition system, it can display clear indentation image dynamics on the PC in real time, and can also directly lock the indentation to automatically measure the hardness value, automatically save the test data, and generate a report. The operation is very simple and fast, eliminating human measurement errors. With a tablet computer as a platform, more application functions can be extended through the Internet, and devices such as external monitors and printers can also be connected.


The hardness tester's machine software system adopts computer intelligent programming, uses photoelectric sensor technology, and independently selects test conditions. The test method, upper and lower limit range can be displayed on the 5.6-inch touch multifunctional display screen, and the indentation length, hardness value, and conversion value can be measured , Test force, hold time, number of measurements, and can enter year, month, date, test results and data processing, etc., and can output measurement data through a built-in printer or connect to a computer through a data interface. The optical system adopts high-magnification LED optical measurement, the image clarity is high, the brightness is adjustable, and the long-term operation is not suitable for fatigue. The hardware system uses advanced electronic sensor loading technology. Through the closed-loop control system, the CPU controls the sensor to collect signals. The stepper motor automatically loads and unloads the test force, and can automatically compensate the test force to ensure more accurate force values ​​and better indications. Stablize. At the same time, it is equipped with an emergency stop device, which meets the EU CE safety standards. With humanized operability, more reliable stability and safety.




Automatic measurement system functions and features:

Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf 0

                                                 software interface

1. Purpose: Used for Brinell hardness indentation measurement

2. Test force range: 62.5, 100, 125, 187.5, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000kgf

3. Indentation measurement accuracy: ±0.5%

4. Meet the ASTM E10 standard to automatically measure the indentation and calculate the Brinell hardness value;

5. The German industrial standard DIN1605 automatically measures the indentation of the test sample and the indentation of the standard block and calculates the hammer Brinell hardness value HB2;

6. Automatic measurement: automatically or manually capture the indentation and measure the indentation diameter and calculate the corresponding Brinell hardness value;

7. Hardness value conversion and effective verification: The system can convert the measured Brinell hardness value HB into other hardness values ​​such as HV, HR, etc.;

8. Data statistics: The system automatically calculates and saves the average and variance of the measured hardness statistics;

9. Exceeding standard alarm: automatically indicate the abnormal value, and automatically alarm when the hardness exceeds the specified value;

10. Test report: WORD or EXCEL format report is automatically generated, and the report template can be customized;

11.Data storage: measurement data including indentation images and other usable documents are stored;

12. Other functions: Contains all the functions of the image processing and measurement system, including image capture, calibration, image processing, geometric size measurement

Volume, document labeling, album management, and fixed-time printing, etc.;

13. Easy to use: Click the interface button or you can automatically complete the indentation measurement work, if you need to manually measure or modify the results, you can directly

Just drag the measuring frame;

14. Strong anti-noise: advanced and reliable image recognition technology can handle indentation recognition on the surface of complex samples. Two automatic measurement modes come from

Rationale for extreme situations;




Software report:

Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf 1

The main functions and characteristics of the hardness tester:

1. This machine has the characteristics of high precision, high repeatability and stability, simple operation, convenient and practical, and high cost performance;

2. Possesses level 10 test capability, and can test a wider range;

3. Equipped with digital display micrometer eyepiece and accurate data calculation system, the hardness value can be directly displayed with just one tap;

4. The system comes with a calibration function, which can manually adjust the input calibration instrument, and can also calibrate the eyepiece magnification.

5. Adjustable range of optical system brightness: 0-100

6. It can store up to 100 sets of test data

7. The operating system can be converted between Chinese and English

8. The main interface can display 5 conversion rulers at the same time

9. Equipped with a built-in printer to output the measurement data or connect to the computer to transmit the measurement data of the host to the computer for editing and saving;

10. Equipped with high-performance stepper motor to automatically load and unload the test force, the noise generated during the test is smaller

11. Using photoelectric sensor technology and microcomputer control system, it can automatically compensate, and the test results are accurate and stable;

12. Automatically enter the indentation diameter and directly display the hardness value, which can realize dual display of any hardness unit, avoiding the cumbersome check-up table;

13. Self-contained design of high-magnification LED optical measurement, high image clarity, adjustable brightness, long-term operation is not suitable for fatigue;

14. The shell is cast at one time, the structure is stable and does not deform, and it can work in a relatively harsh environment;

15. The surface is treated with the car paint process, which has strong scratching ability and is still bright as new after years of use;





Main purpose and scope of use:


1. It is suitable for the hardness tester test of metal materials with large grains, which can reflect the comprehensive performance of the material;

2. Cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, especially for softer metals, such as pure aluminum, lead, tin, etc.

3. It can be used to measure the hardness of some non-metallic materials such as hard plastics, bakelite, etc.


technical parameter:


Product model


Brinell Ruler HBW2.5/62.5 HBW2.5/187.5 HBW5/62.5 HBW5/125 HBW5/250 HBW5/750 HBW10/100, HBW10/250 HBW10/500 HBW10/1000 HBW10/1500 HBW10/3000
Test force 62.5kgf(612.9N)100kgf(980.7N)125kgf(1226N)187.5kgf(1839N)250kgf(2452N)500kgf(4903N)750kgf(7355N)1000kgf(8907N)1500kgf(14710N)3000kgf(29420N)
Loading control Automatic (loading/holding/unloading)
Maximum height of specimen 220mm
Indenter-outer wall distance 135mm
Indenter-upper wall distance 55mm(The distance from the indenter to the upper machine wall can be increased by customizing the indenter )
Smallest unit of measurement 0.125um
Dwell time 0~60s
Hardness test range 8~650HBW
Hardness reading PCAutomatic hardness measurement
Error correction The system calibrates the hardness at any time
Qualified judgment The qualified range can be set, and the machine automatically reminds whether it is qualified
Total magnification 20X
Executive standard EN ISO 6506, , ASTM E-10-08, GB/T231.2,JJG150 -2005
Data output Built-in printer, hyper terminal.
power supply AC220+5%,50~60Hz
Overall size (mm) 520*210*745mm
Host weight About 125kg

Visual Touch Screen Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kgf 1000kgf 2


name quantity name quantity
Industrial Tablet PC 1 Carbide ball indenter with diameter 2.5, 5, 10mm 1 each
Standard hardness block 3 Large, V-shaped test bench 1 each
power cable 1 Product certificate, product instruction manual 1 each
fuse 2 printer paper 1
Spirit level 1 Dust cover 1
Built-in HD camera 1 Brinell automatic measurement system (software + dongle) 1


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