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Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY

Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY

Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY
Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: Johoyd
Certification: Certificate of Compliance
Model Number: BHVST-30ZXY
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Ask the price privately
Packaging Details: Wooden packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 Work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Detailed Product Description
Vickers Hardness Scale: HV1,HV3,HV5,HV10,HV20,HV30 Test Force Selection: External Force Selection Knob, Test Force Is Automatically Displayed On The 7-inch LCD Touch Screen
Optical Channel Eyepiece: Dual Optical Channel (eyepiece And CCD Camera Channel) Optical System (dual Optical Channels, No Need To Switch): , Automatic Digital Encoder; 2. Total Magnification (μm): 100× (observation), 200× (measurement); 3. Measuring Range (μm): 400; 4. Resolution (μm): 0.125.0625

Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY


Dear customer, thank you for choosing an automatic hardness measurement system. Relying on professional R&D personnel, develop and provide high-end manual, XY-semi-automatic, Z-automatic, XYZ-automatic hardness measurement system solutions. In order to improve the product and provide you with better service, we kindly ask you to feed us any suggestions about the product.



The semi-automatic Vickers hardness tester is mainly used to measure tiny, thin specimens and brittle hardware. It can be widely used in various metals (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, castings, alloy materials, etc.) by selecting various accessories or upgrading various structures. ), metal structure, metal surface processing layer, electroplating layer, hardened layer (oxidation, various infiltration layers, coating layer), heat treatment specimens, carbonized specimens, quenched specimens, small parts of phase inclusions, glass, agate, Testing of brittle and hard non-metallic materials such as artificial gems and ceramics. It is especially suitable for mass measurement of the hardness gradient distribution curve of the workpiece and the hardness test of the specified part.

The automatic translation stage controlled by the built-in stepping motor can be controlled by clicking the mouse. It has a variety of control modes, high positioning accuracy, good repeatability, fast moving speed, and high work efficiency;


Hardness tester technical parameters:


Parameter name Parameter data
Hardness scale (HV1,HV3,HV5,HV10,HV20,HV30)
Display 7 inch LCD touch screen
Test force range (kg) (1,3,5,10,20,30)
Load control Automatic (load/hold/unload)
Test force retention time (s) 5~60
Test force selection External force selection knob, test force is automatically displayed on the 7-inch LCD touch screen
Objective lens magnification 10×,20×
Optical channel Dual optical channel (eyepiece and CCD camera channel)
Optical system (dual optical channels, no need to switch)

, Automatic digital encoder;

2. Total magnification (μm): 100× (observation), 200× (measurement);

3. Measuring range (μm): 400; 4. Resolution (μm): 0.125.0625

Hardness measurement range (5-3000)HV
Data output (optional) Built-in printer, test data can also be output to U disk via USB for storage and analysis
Maximum height of specimen (mm) 165
Maximum width of test piece (mm) 130(Distance from center line of indenter to machine wall)
Power supply voltage AC220V/50HZ


Software parameters:


The semi-automatic Vickers hardness tester integrates the latest professional technologies such as optical imaging, mechanical displacement, electronic control, digital imaging, image analysis, and computer processing. The control of the Vickers hardness tester and the automatic stage is realized through the host computer, and Digitally image the hardness indentation on the computer screen, and then accurately measure the microhardness of metal and some non-metallic materials, various coatings and coatings, the depth of the hardened layer, the thickness of the coating, and the thickness of the coating by means of automatic reading and manual reading. Point spacing, etc. It can also photograph the topography of the metal surface and perform fixed-magnification printing. This system breaks through the traditional hardness test method and realizes fully automatic, high-precision, and highly repeatable hardness test. It is an important equipment for material analysis.






Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY 0


The computer host controls the action of the hardness tester and receives the corresponding information of the hardness tester through the RS232 serial port; the computer host controls the platform control box through the RS232 serial port, and controls the movement of the automatic stage and receives the corresponding information through the platform control box; Vickers hardness The optical signal of the indentation pressed by the meter is imaged on the computer monitor through a digital camera, and then the Vickers hardness value is measured through automatic and manual reading.


Semi-auto Vickers Hardness Tester BHVST-30ZXY 1




3. Main functions

materials introduce
Pressure control When the test force of the hardness tester is converted, the system senses the change of the test force and displays it in the system in real time.
turret control The software controls the hardness tester to switch between the objective lens and the indenter without manual control of the hardness tester.
Load control The software controls the hardness tester to load, without manual control of the hardness tester.
Measurement control The software controls the hardness tester turret, loads and directly reads the Vickers hardness value
Light source brightness control Set the brightness of the light source
Image Acquisition Real-time display of hardness images, images can be stored, printed, and printed at fixed times.
Manual/automatic measurement Manual: pull diagonal measurement, two-point card line measurement, four-point measurement, automatic: automatically find the four vertices of the indentation, fast speed, accurate data. Continuously hit and measure, hit and measure immediately, and suppress by designated coordinates.
Hardness conversion According to Chinese standards, automatic conversion of Brinell-Rockwell-Vickers-Knoop hardness values, real-time display, and conversion to various international standards
Graphic report

Automatically record the measurement data, automatically generate the hardness-depth curve, save or print the hardness-depth curve and all indentation measurement values; save or print the indentation image and the current indentation hardness value;

The inspection report can be customized according to user requirements; through the data processing software, the hardened layer depth value formed after continuous measurement of the sample can be displayed in the form of a table; various measurement data, D1, D2, hardness value table, hardened layer depth, Maximum value, average value, minimum value, display and output each indentation picture. Data such as hardness value, hardness table, hardened layer depth map and picture insertion can be flexibly edited and printed in WORD or EXCEL to print out a test report containing mathematical statistics and hardened layer depth curve and saved in WORD format or EXCEL, and the observed samples can also be printed The topography map is saved and directly reflects the microstructure of the indentation and background,

Knoop measurement Replaceable Knoop indenter for automatic Knoop hardness measurement
Automatically carrying goods table

The point can be automatically selected by clicking any point in the interface with the mouse, and the start position of the straight line can be set and the random moving position can be set. The automatic XY stage stage can be controlled by the mouse to move arbitrarily in 8 directions, and the speed can be adjusted. It can be reset automatically, and the coordinates can be cleared at will;

The software system can be programmed to control the movement of the automatic stage, and the system provides 14 modes:

1) Along the line; 2) With an angle along the line; 3) Free click;

4) Along the horizontal line; 5) Along the vertical line; 6) Multiple lines along the curve;

7) Matrix along the curve; 8) Arc; 9) Tooth center;

10) Tooth tops are parallel; 11) Automatically along the edge with angle; 12) Automatically along the edge matrix;

13) Center of circle; 14) Parallel to multiple tooth tops along the curve.

motor Stepping motor
Maximum moving distance 50mm
Minimum moving distance 1mm
Moving speed Adjustable
Displacement repeatability 1um
Sample table size 100mmX100mm
Image acquisition/recognition Adopt high-quality, high-resolution 1.3 million pixel camera, high-speed acquisition: 1280X1024 Resolution: 25 frames/sec, large-size original image acquisition; adopted image and measurement results for storage format, image storage format BMP, JPG and other common file formats ).
Automatic time measurement About 0.3S/1 indentation
Measurement repeatability ±1.0% (700HV/500gf,When the indentation is clear)
Smallest unit of measurement 0.01mm








Standard configuration:

Vickers Hardness Tester

Test force choose ;(1,3,5,10,20,30)

The test force can be converted into: (Kgf, N);

The optical system designed by senior optical engineers not only has clear images, but also can be used as a simple microscope, with adjustable brightness, comfortable vision, and long-term operation not easy to fatigue;

The 7-inch LCD touch screen can directly display the hardness value, the conversion hardness, the test method, the test force, the holding time, the number of measurements, and the test process is intuitive and clear;

The system comes with a calibration function, which can manually adjust the input error calibration instrument;

The upper and lower limit measurement range can be set and displayed on the main measurement interface;

Loading method: fully automatic;

Lens and indenter conversion: fully automatic;

The coincidence accuracy of the center of the objective lens and the indenter is less than 1um;

The cast aluminum shell is formed at one time, the structure is stable and does not deform, the pure white car paint is of high grade, and the scratch resistance is strong;

The result is converted into Rockwell, Vickers, and Brinell simultaneously;

Standard configuration: Micro Vickers Indenter 1 10X objective lens 1 20X objective lens 1
  Weight 1set Vickers hardness block 2 10×micrometer eyepiece 1
  Electric platform controller 1 Electric cross table 1 Spirit level 1
  Level adjustment screw 4 Screwdriver 2 External power cord 1
  Dust cover 1 Installation and operation manual 1 Optical adapter 1
  USB dongle 1 Camera 1 Software CD 1
  Control dedicated cable 1 RS232 communication line 1    
Software configuration:  
XY sample movement control Provide XY electric moving sample stage: it can be controlled by software or adjusted manually; XY can move at the same time; XY can be fine-tuned with the keyboard direction keys to be accurate;
XY remote sensing Control XY electric moving sample stage
Load mode and path settings Provide a variety of loading modes, including along the line, along the edge angle, along the curve edge angle, etc.; the loading point coordinates can be set arbitrarily
Automatic edge scanning Automatically scan along the edge of the sample and automatically find the inflection point, such as the root of the tooth tip, etc.
Automatic loading, focusing, measuring According to the set loading mode, the system will auto focus, auto load, auto measure, and automatically draw the hardening curve; complete with one key
Hardness value conversion, correction, effective verification The system can simultaneously convert the measured micro Vickers hardness value to other hardness scales such as HB, HR, etc.; it can correct the measured value of the spherical cylindrical sample; it can effectively verify the measured value of the sample
Statistics Automatically calculate the average value, variance, Cp, Cpk and other statistical values of measured hardness
Data storage Measurement data and images can be saved in a file for later recall
Test report Automatically generate WORD or EXCEL document reports; users can customize the report format; the standard format includes every single hardness measurement value, statistical value, indentation image, and hardening curve, etc.
Knoop hardness Can be set to Knoop hardness measurement
Fracture toughness Can be set to measure indentation fracture toughness
other functions Contains all the functions of the microscopic image processing and measurement system, including image capture, calibration, image processing, geometric measurement, document labeling, album management, and fixed-magnification printing, etc.
computer Lenovo Business Computer


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